Top Gardener is run by a happy and hardworking couple living in Tooting, South London.

Everything you read here is from our own experience.  I started gardening young, left it for years while I built a career, and then returned to it to find the solace and satisfaction that comes from creating and growing.

hand of peat

From acorns...

Our favourite plants, vegetables and flowers:

  • Rocket
  • Sweet pea
  • Kale
  • Any herbs, especially coriander and cress

And Eli loves to grow Sunflowers to see how high they can reach.  Why not try planting some for the kids and have a competition.  Everything you need to know is here on this site, and if you need to buy seeds, garden equipment or even a BBQ then you can also compare prices here before buying.

Good luck and Enjoy!

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